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Get Your Records

In order to determine whether you are a candidate for our procedures, we need to form a comprehensive picture of your injury to provide the best possible care. Review of recent medical records and imaging is an important part of this process. To have your records sent to us, talk to your doctor. Our patient coordinators are additionally available to assist you with the record request process at 404-783-7247. In the event that you don’t have or can’t get your records, we will help you arrange to get any imaging needed to complete your comprehensive evaluation.

Patient Evaluation

Once we have your records, we’ll schedule a patient evaluation. During this short medical evaluation, our expert medical staff will determine the location and extent of your injury, and they will set a treatment plan designed to give you the best results. After the patient evaluation, if you are a candidate, we’ll schedule you for a procedure.


Your procedure will be different depending on whether you are having the Regenexx-SCP or the Regenexx-SD+ procedure. All of our procedures are minimally invasive and and performed as same-day, outpatient procedures.


We’ll schedule follow-ups with our team of medical professionals to ensure your continued improvement post-procedure. We’ll also help your schedule any rehabilitation or physical therapy needed to help to support and encourage the regeneration and regrowth of healthy new soft tissues. Follow-up evaluations allow us to track your recovery process and to register your results along with the ever-growing database of Regenexx procedure results.

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